Photo by Evo Bluestein

Erin Shrader (fiddle, voice, and guitar) has been propelling dancers around the floor and breaking hearts with an occasional well-chosen song since she was a teenager in western Washington. A Northwest fiddler in the truest sense, she plays several styles without an accent. Her first brush with Irish music came as a student of the great Irish sean nos singer Joe Heaney, who has been an enduring influence. Erin was a US Irish fiddle champion, performed occasionally with the driving French Canadian trio Matapat, the hard-shoe dance company Rhythm In Shoes, and the two-faced (old-time and New England) dance band Jekyll and Hyde. Erin was awarded an NEA fellowship to study dance fiddling in New Hampshire, earned a degree in medieval music performance from Indiana University, and toured with the early music/Celtic crossover group Ensemble Galilei. A trained bow maker, she now writes about the violin trade for Strings magazine and teaches at Lark Camp where she met Richard and Marla. (