Photo by Barry Fisher

Marla Fibish(mandolin, mandola, button accordion and voice) has been a part of the San Francisco Irish Music scene for nearly 30 years. She is known primarily as a mandolin player, for the drive and lift in her playing. She also sings and writes music, and is known for her musical settings of works from a variety of poets. Everyone is entitled to a mid-life crisis, and for Marla that was a new love in her life — the button accordion. A true San Franciscan, she went for the press-draw style — C#/D for you accordion geeks that care about such things. She had the singular honor to be featured as Miss March in the 2011 Accordion Babes Pin-up Calendar.

In addition to her work with Three Mile Stone, Marla also plays in a duo with the legendary Irish singer and bouzouki player Jimmy Crowley. Jimmy and Marla released a new CD, The Morning Star, in April of 2011. The project features Irish music on an array of mandolin-family instruments. More info about The Morning Star at

Marla has appeared in many musical guises over the years — in the duo Double Treble with singer Sylvia Herold; for many years with the primarily vocal group Out of the Rain, with whom she released a few recordings back in the late 80s; as the ‘tall blonde’ in The Frontmen with Rory McNamara and Stevie Coyle, and for many years with Heart of the Roll. Marla teaches privately as well as at many music camps, including Lark Camp, California Coast Music Camp, the 2011 Mandolin Symposium and Portal Irish Music Camp.

In addition to playing and writing music, Marla is a textile artist; the artwork on this site is drawn from one of her pieces. For a look at her work please see