Erin Shrader: fiddle, vocal, mandolin

Marla Fibish: mandolin, mandola, accordion, tenor guitar  & vocals

Richard Mandel: guitar, tenor banjo

Produced by John Doyle

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1. Wheels of the World/Queen of the Rushes/John Dwyer’s/Christmas Eve
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2. Heather on the Moor
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3. Brian Montague’s/Noisy Curlew/The Drake’s Neck/Free and Easy
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4. Gipsy Princess/Granny in the Corner/Fleur de Mandragore
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5. Last Winter was a Hard One
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6. Old Innishowen

7. I’ll Mend your Pots and Kettles-o / Mullvihill’s jig

8. Piper on Horseback/Mullingar Lea/Malloy’s Favorite

9. Tommy Sullivan’s/Padraig O’Keeffe’s/Rose Anne’s/The Minnow

10. Song of the Wage Slave

11. Rodney’s Glory/Love Will You Marry Me/John Stenson’s

12. Snug in the Blanket/La Gigue à Médée/Tommy Peoples’
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13. Dark is the Color

14. La Valse des Pastoriaux/Will You Come Home with Me/Miss Walsh


Engineering, mastering, and additional production by JIM NUNALLY, Music Hill Recording, Crockett, CA.
Mixed by GLENN BARRATT, MorningStar Studios, Spring House, PA.
Photographs by Barry Fisher

Background images from quilts by Marla Fibish

CD Design by Deb Sibony

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Traditional Irish musical styles were born and nurtured by people who spent their time close to the land. They knew the landscape around them, where landforms, rock outcrops, trees, and crossroads all had names handed down through generations, linking them to people, time, and place, giving them personality and meaning to those who lived there. Songs and tunes that are now part of our repertoire were born in the fields and along the road as people worked and traveled in the townlands of Ireland.

The music was carried to a new landscape, to the west coast of America by Joe Cooley, Kevin Keegan, Joe Heaney, and others to be nourished by this new place, bringing forth this great music, strong with the echoes of its native land.

—Frank Simpson